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Kysa — officially known as Brendy Hogwart*PL — is my very first cat.

Kysa's parents are IC NL*Zaniematsu Byezzabotnaya Zenka and EC Nugat Blue-Bis*PL, the only couple in small Polish cattery Hogwart. Kysa and her five siblings were their second litter, born August 13th 2004.

When she came to live with us, she wasn't afraid of her new home, and seemed happy here from the first days. Her character...? It's all mixed. Curious and cautious. Affectionate and a little selfish. Playful and lazy. Quiet and crazy. Smart and silly. Certainly she doesn't lack personality!

I took her to several cat shows with quite good results, but I soon realised that this was not the career for her. She loves her home, hates to have to go out, and so every day spent in a cage in a huge hall full of other cats and people made her really unhappy. I took a break from showing her after getting the Champion title and two certificates for International Champion.


Although this site is in Polish only, it contains some stuff you can enjoy without knowing the language:

photos — Kysa's photos, most of them taken by me; navigation in that part of the site is really easy - just click the dates in the left menu; I'm uploading some of the best Kysa's photos on flickr, you can see and comment on them over there

pedigree — Kysa's (Brendy Hogwart*PL) pedigree (jpg file)

shows — the text is in Polish, but the abbreviations in show results are international

Russian Blues on stamps — the text is in Polish only, but Russian Blue cats on stamps from all over the world are worth looking at; stamps are a part of the collection belonging to Patrick Rogers

Russian Blues in advertising — tv ads starring Russian Blue cats

links — mostly Russian Blue related links: catteries, clubs, etc.


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